It’s been a while since I browsed some of the new electronic portfolios that have been growing this semester on our Maricopa eP site. But I am liking what is starting to pop up…

Dale Doubleday, our Ocotillo ePortfolio Action Group co-chair, has had her ART289 (Computer Illustration) students post to their ePs examples of their work, and use the weblog feature to invite a place for commentary. See “~*~ILluStrAt!On GaLlErY~*~ “, and the commentary section this student has set up. Or Steve has a wide range of photos posted, as does Sarahi. One can see that there has been some structure suggested by the instructor, but the students take some of their own divergent means to represent their work.

A more comprehensive type of portfolio has been created as an entire overview of the Storytelling INstitute at South Mountain Community College. which include a wide range of resources, information on classes in the program, and even a survey.

Jill’s just out of the gate eP has some materials related to her role as a librarian.

As an instructional technologist at one of our college, Jennifer’s eP is meant to show the various features available in the system.

Another Art teacher, Gail, has a beautiful showcase of samples from her glass fusion class, and her slide show demonstrates nicely the steps in a workshop.

And a guest, the “grandmother” of eportfolios, has graced us with a most excellent example. Thanks Helen!

This is just taking off- the college in our system that created this tool reports more than 1000 ePs running on their site.

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