The Only Way To Use My MacBookPro is Not to Use My MacBookPro

To continue the flogging of a dead equine (yikes, I think I am boring myself)… To get the screen back on my MacBookPro, I have found that powering it down for somewhere greater than 5 hours seems to revive it (for an unknown amount of time).

Yesterday, I let it rest for 3 hours, did a PMU reset… no lights. So I shut it down overnight, let it get some zzzzs, reset the PMU again… and I get a screen. It’s either this, or I try the writing the neck of a dead chicken over the patient.

But we both go on vacation next week- me to Strawberry, the MBP to the Apple Repair clinic, where it will go through detox, some personal therapy sessions, perhaps a facial or a manicure… it just cannot decide.

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  1. hmmm…. that might be an interesting experiment… is this a MacOSX issue, or a hardware issue? will it light up properly when booting into Windows? an Ubuntu live CD?

  2. It is in both XP and OSX– the very first time it happened I was in Windows.

    And cool the captcha worked! I was just able to get the library loaded into the servers… I still thank it s that crazy apostrophe in your name ;-) SK2 says you do not have an approved comment when there are like hundreds you have submitted that are approved.

    Oh well, on we go

  3. Sounds similar to a problem with my wife’s Macbook today. It got stuck in sleep mode, screen would not come on no matter what keys were pressed. Solution, hold down power key until turns off then start up again. Probably not quite your problem, but thought I’d mention it justy in case.

  4. Thanks Brad. Mine is not asleep– the screen gets stuck at minimal brightness and can be seen by tilting it under a lamp, or as I am forced to do now, hooked up to an external monitor.

    Good luck with yours…. hope it is something that does not require the eforts I am having to go through.

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