Who remembers the crazy of web badges in the mid 1990s… “Top 5%”! Back at Maricopa, I had slapped together my “stinking web badges” page (wow what old stuff).


Got a new one today, but I am humbly flattered… This stinking web dog blog got listed as one of the top 100 educational educational blogs from the Online Education Database, in the company of many bloggers I look up to.

Badges are back! Maybe coming back soon too are the blink tag and title tag animations.

The post "Got Me a Badge" was originally assembled from spare parts of a 1957 Chevy at CogDogBlog (http://cogdogblog.com/2006/12/badge/) on December 21, 2006.


  • And don’t forget about “Charity Badges” that you raise money for a good cause .. check it out:

  • The Tech Savvy Educator » Blog Archive » Top 100 Education Blogs techsavvyed.net/?p=228

    […] News about the Online Education Database’s recent list of their picks for the top 100 education blogs is circulating on other blogs, so I thought I’d jump on “tooting my own horn” bandwagon and gratefully accept the honor. After reading through the list I’m terribly flattered that my blog would be included on a list with the likes of such Edublogger heavyweights like Will Richardson, Bud Hunt, and many others. I respect these bloggers’ writings, incitefulness, and passion for educational technology, so it’s a thrill that I’m at least rubbing “digital elbows” with them, if not in real life. […]

  • Tim Lauer tim.lauer.name

    Geeze… i was joking about the badge thing and the guy goes and makes one… :-) I remember all those goofy badges…
    Thanks for the pointer to Weather Bonk… a very nice tool.

  • Cheryl Colan hummingcrow.com

    Congrats, Alan! Go dog go!