The plans are just in the draft stage, but I’ve gotten an awesome invitation from the Australian Flexible Learning Network to do a speaking tour of the Australia capitol capital cities in October 2007. In this case, I’d be having to fill some rather large, chocolate filled shoes, as this year’s speaker for the series was the incredible Nancy White (see her Australian October blog for coverage). That is rather intimidating to do as a follow-up act.

I guess there is some benefit in playing hard to get– about 3 times in the last two years, they asked me to participate in an online conference, and it was always in conflict with other commitments, so this time, they went for the Vito Carleone level offer.

Well, I almost had to refuse, as October is really pinched between 2 NMC conferences, and I really lack accumulated leave time to be down under for 4-5 weeks (though my heart was more than willing). So they’ve squeezed it down to a hectic, but do-able schedule a bit over 2 weeks.

I’m rather excited to meet up again with colleagues from my visit there in 2000 (and in 2001), as well as meet new ones, and to see parts of the country I missed on those trips.

I might start packing next week.

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