Thanks to Marlene from Adelaide for locating what may be the ancestral grounds of CogDogBlog- a place called Cobdogla.


With a population of 273 Cobdoglians, this place is described:

The tongue-twistingly named Cobdogla (an Aboriginal word meaning “land of plenty”) has a fascinating history. Much of the land hereabouts ““ from west of Overland Corner right through into New South Wales ““ was taken up under a pastoral lease in 1846 by John Chambers, who raised purebred horses for the police and military.

The Cobdogla Irrigation and Steam Museum houses the impressive Humphrey pump, the only working model of its kind in the world.

It’s gas-driven and fed by water from Joiner’s Lagoon near the site of the original Cobdogla Station Homestead. You can also take a ride on Margaret the Steam Train.

If you are curious as to the location, here’s yer Google Map:

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I regret to tell my Cobdoglian friends I did not get to visit on my recent trip in the Aussie neighborhood. Next time?

The post "Headed for Cobdogla" was originally scraped from the bottom of the pickel barrel at CogDogBlog ( on November 15, 2007.


  • Graham Wegner

    Ah, Alan, I can say that I’ve been to Cobdogla and it’s a pretty quiet place at the best of times. In Aussie terminology, it’s a one horse town where even the horse is dead. Of course, your presence might have made it a one-dog-town.

  • Greg Henderson

    Following on from Grahams post, it certainly is a small on horse town.
    Unfortunately there is a bushfire caused by lightning strikes near there at the moment

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