Cooking with Bee
Cooking with Bee posted 1 Nov ’07, 9.11pm MDT PST on flickr

Although I’ve been home from my Australia Tour, I’m glad I still have opportunities to hang out with my colleagues Down Under. Last night, I joined them via Second Life for the New South Wales (NSW) Learnscope finale, E-Learning07 . This is the showcase of 2007 NSW LearnScope projects and Flexible Learning Framework projects based in NSW.

I liked how they had all of their projects submit summaries as slidecasts- see

The conference was a 2 day face to face event in Sydney, but included parallel components in Second Life on the jokaydia sim. It closed with a panel session organized by the versatile Bee, Barbara Dieu which she poetically set up with a culinary theme of Cooking Up a Storm in Education.

I was honored to be invited as one of Bee’s panelists, along with Josie Fraser, Nancy White, and Dave Pollard. We were to speak about “Challenges and opportunities social tools bring to learners and educators, our cultural and social heritage, exposure and access, local and international communities of practice, formal and informal learning, knowledge building and transmission.”

Though a few had some SL voice chat challenges, the virtual audience was very participatory, the chat channel was fluid. Too bad, Josie Fraser, the voice did not work! I was looking forward to hearing what you had to say.

CDB Barkley Toasts Joisie Oh

As typical in Second Life, you sometimes go in unexpected spontaneous directions, which is not bad. Its like a conversation one might have down in Brazil in Bee’s own kitchen. Be sure to see here Spaces and Places VoiceThreads.

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  • Kerry J

    Thank you for speaking and for the great links you’ve provided here that allow the opportunity to further our learning and find out more about the people who presented. I know that you’re very well thought of here in Australia and I look forward to reading your blog in future.

  • I know! I’d prepped & everything! I was going to talk abot media literacy in terms of homophily & social search and cyberbullying. Next time! Best, J.

  • Thanks Kerry, I have great appreciation for my new Australian contacts!

    Joise- ouch, those were important issues to hear! Darn SL glitches!

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