• Pyesetz the Dog pyesetz.livejournal.com

    So why does it have a link to Amazon?

  • Alan Levine aka CogDog cogdogblog.com

    Because some people will click on anything??

    It links to a happy MP3 song on Amazon… and I bet it goes to a down and out blues when it says “Yes”.

  • Is it ok to be honest and say “I’m not sure if I get it”? the blog post and your comment, that is.

    Is the link to a ‘happy MP3 song on Amazon” – a bit like ‘on hold’ or ‘elevator music?

    So when Twitter ‘goes down’ (to where I’m not sure), then we’ll at least have something to do (tongue in cheek).

    I’m I starting to sound really ‘simple’? …. sorry just looking for clarification.

    Allison Miller
    Adelaide, Australia

  • Alan Levine aka CogDog cogdogblog.com

    I have no idea Allison, this is total guesswork. My hunch is the web site runs a regular script that pings twitter, and depending on the response, returns a “Yes” or a “No”.

    That’s it.

    The link to Amazon i even more in the realm of guessland.

  • lol. That’s almost as good as the “Is it Christmas Yet” site… Although I never checked to see what that one had on it when it actually WAS Christmas… Oops.

  • Nice. Our state’s filter blocks all before it is officially okayed and categoried, and I’m enjoying imagining the faces of the state techies who have to define this website in a way that fits their categories.

    “Education”? “Web Translation”? “Information Technology”?

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