Dean Shareski is already done with his Guitar learning project feeling that good is good enough. I commend him for carrying out.

I’ve not picked up my harmonica much, have not done any lessons, or practices. Zero hours added, so I am not even near good enough. But there was a time a few weeks ago when David Kernohan was playing some electric guitar live on ds106 radio, and he responded to my request to play some blues riffs in E so I could jam later. I snagged a recording of his playing:

@dkernohan blues riff

I’ve been sitting on this a while, and tonight, thought “WTF” I will just make some noise. Here it is, it is awful, and do not tell em otherwise.

I’m not giving up, but then again, I’ve not put more than a few hours, if that, into it. Just goes to show that you need to invest the time, as I have not done yet.

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