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It was during my visit to Calgary that Doug Symington and D’Arcy Norman suggested I make some tour t-shirts for my 2011 Road Odyssey — but I never really got around to it. I thought I would end up with some ugly cut and past photoshop mish mosh of dog heads and maps.

Given that I have now the very first CogDog 2011 Odyssey t-shirt, a iron on transfer prototype designed for me by Giulia, it was time (tonight) to make them available on Cafe Press. This is my first time set up, but think I have everything in order, including a decent selection of men’s and women’s styles, colors, etc.

You can find them all at – and all set for sale at cost, no profiteering here.

The CogDog Swag is now open, a bit late for holiday gifts, alas.

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