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Now X-Serving for 2004... Jade Has Moved (December 31, 2003 03:32 PM)
No addresses or URLs have been shuffled, but today I finally managed to move our 'Jade' server (if anyone has caught notice, all machines in my area are domain named after minerals... my G4 laptop is 'Topaz', my beige PC is "Pyrite', there is an old Mac named 'Sphalerite' acting... «more»
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Reading Time: "The Map that Changed the World" (December 28, 2003 09:41 PM)
This slow time has allowed a rare luxury: finishing a good book. On one forgotten trip a few months back, thumbing through the schlock selections at some airport bookstore, one caught my attention because of a geology cross-section on the cover. Simon Winchester's "The Map that Changed the World" is... «more»
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RSS WinterFest 2004- Party at Dave's? (December 22, 2003 09:40 PM)
Just announced, Jan 21-22, 2004, RSS Winterfest: a free Webcast, and hear from some of the world's foremost experts and commentators about RSS and the future of Internet content syndication. We'll give an overview of RSS and look at its future. We'll feature case studies that will examine the applications for enterprise content syndication.... «more»
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This Dog is Out (December 20, 2003 10:29 PM)
Time for a break- this CogDog is off at our secret hideaway, tethered to the net only by a 28 kbps modem line. At that rate, the RSS reader chokes and sputters on those fat feeds, bloated graphic web sites are not worth the bother, and those internal emails full... «more»
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Governing Board Member Digs RSS (Film at 11) (December 18, 2003 11:42 AM)
Now that the copies of our mcli Forum have gone out to our colleges, we are getting a lot of interest, questions, head scratching about RSS from the "Pssss... Have You Heard About RSS?" article. An email came today from one of our Governing Board members who found the article... «more»
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Chasing Down the CSS "Peek-a-boo" Bug (December 17, 2003 11:26 PM)
There are a few threads to this story. I had seen an odd thing on one of our new XHTML designed web sites-- this one uses an HTML <ul> list and CSS for rollover effects and graphic-looking buttons for the navigation. In Internet Explorer 6 (and then reports came in... «more»
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Kotke on Metadata: "Metadazzle-Overfizzle" (December 16, 2003 09:30 PM)
Although I miss the literary references, I do like the spin that Jason Kotke puts on meta-data: Nothing takes the fun and personality out of writing like metadata. As software developers, photographers, writers, and users struggle to organize creative work so that people can locate what they're after, the work... «more»
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Quick! Get Use out of RSS before the Vultures Ruin It (December 16, 2003 06:27 AM)
There are people who can look at a peaceful valley or serene mountain vista and only see how it can be exploited; they see only golf courses, shopping malls, and asphalt. Likewise, there are those that can only look at a useful communications technology and only rub their hands in... «more»
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"Blog on Blogs"- excellent educational example of weblog use (December 15, 2003 09:24 PM)
Blog on Blogs, a Weblog Review does double duty as a great resource for getting a handle on weblogs and a wonderful example of using blogs in an educational context, a New Media Studies course: This project is collaboration produced by the students of the Fall 2003 Introduction to New... «more»
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See the Pictures of 'Net Pioneers (December 15, 2003 09:09 PM)
No centerfolds but... for those that enjoy the history of how the Net unfolded, if you could not get enough of "Where the Wizards Stayed Up Late" (a great read by the way), check out "The Faces in Front of the Monitors"-- this is an alphabet listing of those wizards,... «more»
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Jade Takes a Break... (December 15, 2003 11:57 AM)
This blog will blink off line around Dec 30 or 31 when I hope to migrate our content and assorted scripts to the new XServe-- I had thought it would happen by the end of the week before I vanish 10 days to my retreat, but it is rushed, and... «more»
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VersionTracker Does RSS (Sensibly) (December 14, 2003 12:49 PM)
I have relied for years on VersionTracker (VT) for keeping up to date with the latest updates to software or finding out about new apps for Mac, Windows, and Palm platforms. On a recent visit to another similar site (MacUpdate) I began wondering why these types of sites do not... «more»
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Take Back What Net? (December 13, 2003 08:48 AM)
Supposedly in "Take Back the Net", the Dec 30 issue of PC Magazine has sent Blogging, wikis, and RSS mainstream, according to a entry by Michelle. The article does provide a nice overview of the range of major blog tools, has some decent resources, etc, but there are some statements... «more»
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"The Long After Life of Simulation Software: Hidden Agenda" (December 12, 2003 06:52 AM)
Some folks are rather big on the use of games and simulations for learning. So were we.. back in 1995. Here is another article from our Fall 2003 issue of the mcli Forum. In "The Long After Life of Simulation Software: Hidden Agenda", we interviewed Jim Gasperini who had created... «more»
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MT Wiki (December 11, 2003 05:28 PM)
Here is a nice resource for MovableType-rs, The MovableType Knowledge Base is a wiki chock full of tips and suggestions. This Wiki is dedicated to helping users of MovableType, a content management system. This is a place to add tips, tricks, instructions, and definitions. Topics are editable so everyone can... «more»
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The XServe Files: (Almost) Back in Business (December 11, 2003 05:22 PM)
If I had any doubt that my geek IQ was not so high... I think I have proved it in the last few days trying to get our new XServe into business with MovableType. Let's say that getting it running under Panther OSX Server is a delicate operation for those... «more»
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Reflective Portraits in the Mirror Project... and it has RSS! (December 11, 2003 10:41 AM)
I've been here before-- "Adventures in Reflective Surfaces: The Mirror Project" was a community based site where people contribute all kinds of self portraits were the photographer is somehow reflected from a mirror or any reflective surface. The Mirror Project is a growing community of like-minded individuals who have photographed... «more»
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Gibson Gives up the Blog (December 11, 2003 05:59 AM)
Related to recent wonderings of "Where Have All the Bloggers Gone?", it appears that author William Gibson is blogged out. In "Last Postcard from Costa Del Blog", Gibson pens: Time for me to get back to my day job, which means that it’s time for me to stop blogging. I’ve... «more»
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Back to Promoting MLX (December 10, 2003 09:56 PM)
It is time to crank up the promotion department for the Maricopa Learing eXchange (MLX), given that the semester is winding down. We have set up a new PR area that links all of the MLX presentation and news tidbits. With the exception of a nice burst of 15 entries... «more»
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Kung-Log: Neo Says "Whoah" (December 10, 2003 03:55 PM)
Ok. I am trying some way out there, It is a Mac OSX app called Kung-Log that allows me (I think) to post and edit my MovableType blog directly from a friendly Mac OSX interface. We will see what happens as I am "Kung-Log" blogging this one right now. Woah.... «more»
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X Getting Closer (December 10, 2003 03:36 PM)
Still working on the new server (see X Marks the (Jade) Spot). I am stumped why a new Apple XServer delivered in November came with OSX Server 10.2.8 pre-intalled though the current 10.3 disks were there. I had trouble getting the 10.3 CDs recognized so blew ahead with the older... «more»
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PhotoBlogging with Buzznet (December 10, 2003 07:33 AM)
I have a pent for photography. It was the last elective I took as an undergrad, and if it were earlier, I would have taken a different career path. Blogging is great, but there are some neat niches for other flavors. Take "photo blog". I recently stumbled along via legendary... «more»
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LOP: Learning Objects Portal (December 8, 2003 09:31 PM)
From Seneca College in Ontario, Canada comes a new Learning Objects Portal Page: ....a gateway to many resources about learning objects and repositories. We invite you to meander through the portal sections below based on your interest. f you like to discover through interaction, we suggest you visit our "Activities"... «more»
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X Marks the (Jade) Spot (December 8, 2003 02:53 PM)
It is in the building... not only that, it is on my desk. "It" is a brand new Apple XServe, and soon will be home to all of our MT blogs as well as hosting some experimental eportfolio services as well. "It" is a 1.3 GHz screamer replacing an... «more»
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Weather Report (December 6, 2003 06:09 PM)
With all this east coast blogging about snow and blizzards and stuff (1 blogger, 2 blogger, 3 blogger, more?) I hate to tell you but today it was sunny and about 78 degrees in the Arizona desert. We spent a day in t-shirts strolling the Tempe Festival of the Arts,... «more»
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"Denounce Newswire: All the News that Never Happened" (December 6, 2003 09:07 AM)
Satire is a high form of art. (that was supposed to be satirical). Someone once told me, and I believed them, that satire comes from an ancient word that meant "to cut flesh." Well, that means that DENOUNCE NEWSWIRE: All the news that never happened is the king fleshcutter for... «more»
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Metadata for weblogs-- blizg (December 5, 2003 07:10 AM)
Go ahead, try and pronounce it... Blizg - The Blog Resource. Blizg is a blog index that focuses on metadata. We want to promote the use of metadata in the blogging community. We're also excited about finding new ways to use metadata that will create useful connections between and among... «more»
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Pssss... Have You Heard About RSS? (December 4, 2003 10:28 AM)
Just posted to the web is our newbie article "Pssss... Have You Heard About RSS?". This is one of the features in the Fall 2003 issue of our mcli Forum, a twice a year publication published by our office for print distribution inside our college system, and electronic everywhere else... «more»
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RSS2JS Update: Date Posted Fix and Future Attractions (December 4, 2003 09:10 AM)
Yet another small fix to our RSS to Javascript tool-- there was a flaw in (my) program logic so that the item posting dates from RSS2.0 feeds were not being converted correctly from their GMT+0 values. If you have a version of this running, you can make a direct edit... «more»
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"Where have all the bloggers gone?" (December 3, 2003 08:20 PM)
Cue the folk music, Pete... Where have all the bloggers gone? Long time passing. Where have all the bloggers gone? Long time ago. Where have all the bloggers gone? Spammers have picked them ev'ry one. Oh, when will you ever learn? Oh, when will you ever learn? My RSS reader... «more»
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Does coddle Spam Roaches? (December 3, 2003 07:17 AM)
I thought I really had nailed a blog spammer by tracking down the internet provider, documenting, and submitting all the information to the appropriate abuse contact. What I got in return was zilch. Why would an internet provider protect me from spammers? They might be paying customers and I... «more»
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Cool Tools from UBC (December 1, 2003 11:38 AM)
An artlcle and links from University of British Columbia's e-Strategy newsletter (no RSS!) features some interesating tools developed at the UBC Arts ISIT. <tiphat>Tip of the blg hat to my colleague Michelle, who has one of the funkier blog names for an educator ;-) </tiphat> You gotta like the fun... «more»
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