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August 18, 2004

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Blogdigger- Wow

Within three hours of writing yesterday about Blogdigger (an RSS feed combiner that returns a group of feeds as a single feed), I got a nice comment from Greg at Bloggdigger who let me know that the filtering tools were still being tinkered.

It's rewarding to get direct responses like that from the folks directly involved with a trechnology.

Okay, I created a quick and dirty Bloggdigger Group on feeds from known Learning Object Repositories in about 2 minutes with maybe 5 feeds. The cool thing about Blogdigger Groups is that others can add feeds to the group.

So if you have more RSS feeds from learning object repositories, you can toss 'em in the mix, the password is the name for those little plastic blocks that are bad metaphors for learning objects. I'd like to keep it to general feeds, such as the overall one from MERLOT, rather than specific ones for content in say, nuclear biology.

Dig it?

I just added 5 more plundered from Stephen Downes' DLORN

though Blogdigger has not yet grabbed the feeds...

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