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The Blog Blinks On (and Off).. Catch Up on OpenMLX (June 30, 2004 01:57 AM)
The dog has not died, but the author has been offline following the NMC 2004 Summer conference in Vancouver, taking advantage of the launch point for some relaxing travel to Vancouver Island and the tremendous Rocky Mountains south of Jasper, Alberta. It is just a short stopover in Phoenix to... «more»
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Way Too Much Time on Their Hands (Please Wash Hands When Done_ (June 18, 2004 10:33 PM)
Another installment on the There is a Niche for Everything on the Net: Urinal Dot Net (I was googling to find the SeaBus Terminal in Vancouver and this was result #2.... why? Only Google Knows)... «more»
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Nice... Timeline Creator Tool (June 18, 2004 03:11 PM)
Just saw this at the NMC 2004 5 minutes of Fame- a nifty app for creation of interactive timelines- presentation is via Flash (of course), but data driven by XML. Created by the Center for Educational Resources at Johns Hopkins, the Timeline Creator is a freebie for downloading and provides... «more»
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NMC 2004 After the Pieces (have not fallen) (June 18, 2004 02:58 PM)
It's been more than a day since our Small Technologies Loosely Joined session and Brian, D'Arcy and I are pleasantly amazed that 35+ turned out for the last session of the day, put up with a small cramped room with not enough electrical outlets, and a zany activity of task... «more»
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Late for the Blog at NMC 2004 (June 18, 2004 02:29 PM)
Sigh, the dog has been a lazy conference blogger, too much scenery in Vancouver, good food and drink, to have enough energy to continually blog the sessions, Fortunately, others are feverishly at it, see the blog aggregator created by Stephen Downes. NMC continues to he my favorite confence for the... «more»
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Why Not Let the Machines Read to Us? (June 11, 2004 10:04 PM)
James Farmer has shared an interesting idea of building a collection of audio "readings" of articles, and Stephen Downes has taken the idea and ran it as an online audio jukebox. I'm not much of an avid reader of academic articles, so I let is slide into the "neat idea... «more»
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Holy Blog! What a Wiki! Together (June 11, 2004 01:07 PM)
Holy _____! Over at Open Artifact, Randy Brown has neatly sewn together a neat package: phpWiki inside and integrated with his new WordPress blog, so it more or less operates as a cohesive site and sharing the WP database. It addresses some of the issues of trying to tie into... «more»
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Coming to a Wiki Near You... (June 8, 2004 10:51 PM)
No, it is not Potted Meat Food Product, just down the shelf... Wikis: The Next Frontier for Spammers? Wiki maintainers can expect an increase in spam after a webmaster newsletter highlighted the effectiveness of Wiki spam in raising a site's Google ranking. WebProNews described how a webmaster improved his rank... «more»
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What the Wiki is Happening? A Blank Wall, Free Spray Paint, and .... (June 8, 2004 10:28 PM)
We're closely watching the NMC 2004 presentation on "Small Pieces Loosely Joined" wiki, checking the changes.. but beyond a few individuals, it is a pretty quiet place. Okay, so I wrote a bit harshly on Martin for his own thoughts on the Pieces, but hey, I was bored! I fessed... «more»
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Legal Likes GPL on openMLX (June 8, 2004 04:02 PM)
Got the call today from our Legal Department and they approve our plan for GPL licensing of an open source version of the Maricopa Learning eXchange (good thing cause we have been doing it anyhow). In fact, our legal counsel was impressed with "how clearly and humanly understandable the license... «more»
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Scary Insurance (What is going on in Middle Earth?) (June 8, 2004 02:44 PM)
... «more»
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Turning the Tide on Ugly Wikis (June 8, 2004 01:33 PM)
Wikis are the buzz. Like Amy Gahran (Learning with (and from) Wiki), I have been quietly 'intrigued" by wikis, while trying to get past the mind-bending thought of creating a web site that anyone, anywhere can change on you. And I agree completely with Amy's issue: In my opinion ,... «more»
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MLX Writing Across the Curriculum Special Collection (June 6, 2004 08:03 PM)
A few weeks ago, the faculty developer at one of our colleges asked if we could create an MLX Special Collection for an upcoming summer institute on "Wwriting Across the Curriculum", so that participants could create a "starter" package for a project they would complete over the summer (I call... «more»
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NMC 2004 Feeds For Martin: Catch the Small Pieces Clue Train (June 6, 2004 05:10 PM)
Martin was a bit peeved at not getting an RSS Feed for the "NMC Continuing Coverage" blog aggregator provided by Stephen Downes (and he gets the concept). Then Martin still was not satisfied when we provided him a URL for an RSS feed for Stephan's tool, found with a few... «more»
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ObjectExegesisParanoia (June 4, 2004 02:01 PM)
What is the obsession (paranoia) with trying to define (exegesis) learning objects (no definitions)? It is certainly useful to have understandable definitions for tightly constrained concepts like triskaidekaphobia, but when trying to introduce faculty new to the concept of learning objects, it seems almost unavoidable to stop them from wanting... «more»
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Aggregators as Referrers? (June 4, 2004 08:59 AM)
There are people, likely those trying to make a buck off of RSS, who would like to measure how much "hit" there is from information syndicated as RSS Feeds, consumed, and hopefully clicked at. Checking your web server log for access of the RSS URL do not mean much, as... «more»
Comments (1) + TrackBack (0) + IM this The Fetid Stink of Linrot (June 4, 2004 08:41 AM) is rotting in my aggregator- they used to have a series of education technology blog articles; I cannot say I was a frequent reader, but I monitored them on my regular rounds. But there is a foul, dead skunk smell coming from the aggregator coming from, and that... «more»
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Diana Oblinger Ocotillo Presentation: Breezed Version Adds Punch, Value to PPT (June 4, 2004 08:12 AM)
Philosophical question: If a presentation falls in the woods, and there is no one there, does it make a sound? Or for that matter, if you miss a conference presentation, does an abstract, a paper, or even the PowerPoint itself really provide information (worth the weight, er... wait, of the... «more»
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Copyright Clearance? A Mountain of Paper? Arggh, Just Take 'em (June 3, 2004 01:46 PM)
Back in 1997, 1998 I created a old collection of digital photos from places I've been to in the southwest, More Than Just Four Corners. Like Meteor Crater, Havasupai, Chaco Canyon... Every now and then someone emails me asking for permission to use one of them (Google to the rescue),... «more»
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Give Credit Where Credit is Due! (June 3, 2004 12:15 PM)
Serendipity strikes again. Curiosity link from the footer of some forgotten blog landed me here. Give Credit Where Credit is Due apparently began in the lat 1990s as a effort to promote "link back" credits to the sources of images that are used on someone's web site. It is now... «more»
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Audio Chattin' With the Aussies (June 3, 2004 08:55 AM)
After yesterday's online audio LearningTimes session with the Australian Flexible Learning folks, I am again impressed with the fluid exchanges possible with the Elluminate Virtual Classroom-- I lost count, but there may have been at least 30 participants not only from Australia, but Denmark (it was 2:00 AM for her)... «more»
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Rather Subversive: BugMetNot (June 3, 2004 08:29 AM)
Do you hate registering to read online news from the New York Times, Washington Post, etc? I do think this service may last long, but it is interesting to monitor what BugMeNot causes in terms of disruptive patterns in the technology landscape. Will the lawyers swoop in? Will the Times... «more»
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The Word is Out: Small Technologies Loosely Joined - NMC 2004 (June 2, 2004 01:47 PM)
Diffusing through blogspace, beyond our control, goes an upcoming "presentation" at the June 2004 NMC Conference, what we have cobbled together is called "Small Technologies Loosely Joined: Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control" that I am doing with colleagues Brian Lamb and D'Arcy Norman. Here I will talk a bit... «more»
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Feed2JS: A Few More Tweaks and WordPress Date Woes (June 2, 2004 10:30 AM)
Thanks for the comments that have helped identify some minor and not so minor issues with our new Feed to Javascript site. See below for updates! Some updates for folks that have implemented their own versions of this: A few early versions had a typo where the MAGPIE_CACHE_DIR was defined... «more»
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Find Out Who You Really Are: The Vanity of Googlism (June 2, 2004 07:16 AM)
Tired: Doing a google on your own name. Wired: Reading a Googlism on your own name. Expired: Looking up your name in a phone book. What is Googlism? The best why to find out is to explore, but more or less, it uses the "collective" wisdom of the Google API... «more»
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