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January 24, 2005

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Skyecasted Today, Some Other Cast Tomorrow

I'm into some crazy stuff. If you told me even last year I'd be having a 1 hour, clear, voice conversation over the net to a colleague in Finland, I would check to see what medications you were missing. But today, I was interviewed via Skype by Teemu Arina from Finland, where he was the mix master and actually recording the session for a future SkypeCast.

I almost forgot the novelty of the technology, as it did not drop out once. Of course, then he had to tell me I was a second interview after he had a session with Stephen Downes, so barring some editing magic that can assemble my words more coherently, by comparison, I am going to be the one sounding like an Arizona dirt farmer.

Skype works, works well, is free, and that is enough of a cool factor for me.

But tomorrow morning is something even wackier, suffice it to say I am attempting to do a remote video chat/presentation as part of the New Media Consortium's EDUCAUSE/NLII session on their Horizon Report (published today). So if you are in New Orleans for the conference, nor hung over in the Quarter or lost in the hotel, you can go to the session and see a grainy video of me, breaking up, as I babble through a bunch of "umms" and "I think" LIVE, over the net, and maybe even recorded!


I do have a backup - this is me during the practice session using "old" cell phone technology to walk through the set up. If this fails, I might be doing that sad imitation of the Verizon Guy.

Hey if you are at EDUCAUSE, go easy on the network during my stint!

For that matter, if I can ask the entire Internet to pause for 5 minutes so I can have the whole bandwidth, I will be nice for the rest of the year. Well, maybe the rest of the month.

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