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March 15, 2005

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Five More Skyperviews Added

Whew, this is fun! Without much effort, I have added another 5 interviews, each under 5 minutes, for my upcoming article on digital net audio, You can find all 11 and (more as I add 'em) on the mcli Forum Spring 2005 Podcast. Joining the crowd, and rounding out some of the gender gap thanks to this morning's call for help, are:

* D'Arcy Norman, University of Calgary
* Sherri Vokey, University of Nevada - Las Vegas
* Bert Kimura, Osaka Gakuin University (Japan)
* Susan Smith Nash, Excelsior College (New York) and Xplanazine writer
* Sue Lister, Ontaria Canada (she made it easy by sending my a URL for her own podcast response to my questions)

I'll be gathering a few more through the end of next week (I am on break through March 21)-- now looking to widen the geographic reach (although I've chatted to Japan just today).

This is so easy to do, especially after a few are done. Call up on Skype / iChat, hit record in WireTapPro, ask the questions, save as MP3, import into Audacity, delete the gaps and umms, and then export again to more compressed MP3 (I am doing a 32 bitrate- I may have been able to go lower, but the files sizes are now a reasonable 600-1100k).

Look at me, the iPodless Podcaster...

Interesting that all 11 I spoke to have an iPod, and a number of them had 2 or 3. Most are making use of podcast content. We are getting some interesting ideas on how it might be used for learning. I have started also asking more about the possibilities for students being the content creators as a first order thought is in the vein of the faculty as broadcaster.

Will Richardson pointed out something I had not thought of-- as you listen there is no way to make notes or even "bookmark" the audio for details worth coming back to. And Susan Smith Nash emphasized the importance of a well written text summary of audio content.

Good stuff comin' in via the digital air waves. Let me know if you have 5 minutes to spare the week of March 21 and I'll give you a Skype call.

Thanks to everyone for playing.

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