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April 21, 2005

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Harry Mudd and the TCC 2005 Keynote

Whew! An hour ago I finished my one hour keynote presentation for the TCC 2005 Worldwide Online Conference. They asked me to talk about the future, so I hit them with a whiplash induced thing I created, "Harry Mudd, Small Pieces, and that Not Widely Distributed Future":

Harry Cover

I thought I had way too much in there, but by talking fast and skimming details I sprinted through 45 screens and 2 web demos in 45 minutes. I used my worn our Star Trek metaphor for how Harry Mudd and gang fooled Norman the Robot, then went through 10 rounds of technologies using a structure of the "Wired, Tired, Expired" feature of Wired Magazine, and threw in the closing bit of Small Technologies Losely Joined, and Rip, Mix, Learn.

Nearly all the images were found in flickr (and duly noted by URL in the screen shots).

While the entire Elluminate recorded version is already available, you need to have registered for the conference to see it. But I created a quick, perhaps not as elegant end around:

I took my screen captures I created for my planning script, and created a Quicktime slide show (5 seconds per slide):

And I captured the audio by sticking my iRiver next to my laptop and tossing through Audacity to get a 14 Mb mp3 (about an hour):

So it is not exactly synchronized, that is on your end. Lastly, I tossed together last night a wiki site for all the web references, in the vague hopes that people will add (and not piss over) the goods:

Whew, I have presentation come down... Time for a naaaaaaaaaaap

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