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April 26, 2005

Note: CogDogBlog has a new WordPress powered home at All entries from this version have been moved there, so as a guide dog service try finding this article in its new home by title search.

Sit. Stay. But This Blog Has Moved

Well it was easy. In between commercials on Tuesday night TV, and a late night burst of extra excitement, I have moved this entire weblog into its new home, hosted very happily in a WordPress 1.5 blog. I was not sure how much would export over (actually everything did), so I hate to say this is now a forwarding address blog ( as well as a retro record of my blogging from April 2003-2005).

The first move was on the same server in May 2005; it was then moved to its own domain in January 2006.

So adjust your links accordingly- the new CogDogBlog is at:

and adjust your RSS readers to:

Did I say again how easy that is? How slick the WP interface is? How limitless the templates look and code, now that they are recognizable PHP and not obsfucated, let's go out and run 3 miles while the rebuilds chug perl?

I very much enjoyed the learning of MovableTpye for this old blog, but the time has come, and this blog has gone.

The new one will be ongoing an evolution as I learn more about WordPress, so watch out for the sharp edges over there.

See ya.

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"... let's go out and run 3 miles while the rebuilds chug perl? ... "

Ahem. Some perl code may be slow, but it does not follow that perl is slow. My site is written entirely in perl and I do not run three miles waiting for a rebuild (and I have the figure to prove it).

Commented by: Stephen Downes on April 27, 2005 01:06 PM


Big virtual smile :D

Commented by: James Farmer on April 27, 2005 08:09 PM

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