Make A MovableType Search Bookmarklet

Elsewhere I have described a JavaScript bookmarklet tool I to easily search my own MovableType blog. In fact, highlighting a chunk of text from any web page, I can search my blog (borrowing completely from the Google Browser Button).

So here is a tool to help you build one for your favorite blog (most likely your own.

You will need the full URL produced by a search result from the blog you are setting up. You can find this by using the search form on the main page of your vblog, and copy ther URL created by a seacrh result. It will look something like:

where you know

Test It Out

Enter some keywords to test your parameters-- if the search works, use your browser back button to return here.

Build It

Next, create the bookmarklet

Make Me An MT Search Tool

MT Blog Name
Used for the popup search box, e.g. CogDogBlog

MT search URL

MT IncludeBlogs ID
e.g. 1

My Browser Flavor

Safari / Firefox / Mozilla / NetScape 7
Internet Explorer