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I <3 DML

It has been a really, really, really long time since I have been so excited, almost giddy, about a conference experience. Maybe going back to the first Open Education ones, or better yet, to the Northern Voice conferences 10 years ago. Perhaps I wrote conferences off, but last week’s Digital Media and Learning conference held […]

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Social Media Recap from NMC 2009

2009 nmc summer conferenceSince it is already a week in the rear view mirror, this ought to be my last post about the 2009 NMC Summer Conference. Heck, it’s time to start thinking about 2010.

However I wanted to record, primarily for my own sake, while fresh in my mind a recap of the social media tools we used (and other related factors) for our conference. I resisted using the title of “report card” ;-)

cc licensed flickr photo shared by alumroot

Most of this follows what we provided for attendees as our “conference tech tools”.

Previously, On NMC….

For background, in the 3 previous NMC conferences I have been involved with since starting my job there in 2006- we’ve done mainly a “tag this conference” approach where we ask people to tag photos, web sites, blog posts e.g. 2006, 2007, 2008 where I cobbled together some summary pages using mainly my own Feed2JS code.

Last year at Princeton, we added a Google Map for people to geotag their home location, an invitation to share photos of the number “15” (it was the NMC’s 15th anniversary) that got rolled into a NMC@15 video, and a chance to sign up for 15 minutes of studio time on the John Lennon Bus to create a package of sharable music loops. Twitter was definitely on an upswing (but not near the use we saw this year), and we had a TwitterCamp display set up

Those went okay, we always get a solid core of photographers tagging and posting pictures to flickr. And although we had some people tweeting from sessions, to me it seemed like we were missing an opportunity but not having a perhaps more organized approach to having our conference audience help “cover” or document the conference. A dream would be to know for sure there was one or more persons in each session blogging and sharing it so we had a record or artifact of all sessions.

So on to what we tried this year… (this is gonna be a long scroller)

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Through the Heart, Facebook

With a DELETE stake, that is: The real question is– can one really kill the Beast? This is not a reaction to the uproar over the Facebook leaked “research”. I kind of feel that if you can have your emotions manipulated by a Facebook timeline, you have much bigger issues to deal with. I just […]

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Scoping Out Penn State

2009/365/123 Scoping Out Old Main by cogdogblog posted 3 May ’09, 2.49pm MDT PST on flickr Penn State University- a lovely campus even on a grey rainy day. In a 3 day visit it’s not even close to possible to take in a place like Penn State University. I’d like to say there is a […]