50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story

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Not long ago producing multimedia digital content required expensive equipment and deep levels of technical expertise. Now anyone can create, publish, and share compelling works with nothing more complex than a web browser. Open licensed media is easy to find/re-use, and combing that with our own content and a set of free tools, means we have powerful ways to express ideas beyond text and bullet points.

This session will cover a basic process that can be used to create a story in a web 2.0 tool using images, audio, and/or video. We use the word "story" its broadest sense; it may be a deeply personal one of the digital storytelling variety, or it may be a tale of a travel trip, a simple presentation, or a report. What you can make includes more than one type of media (images + text, audio + images, etc) that are assembled and published on the web, and can be linked to or embedded into other web sites.

I discovered more than 50 tools for anyone to creatively use. Just to prove it can be done, we will aim to construct same story in multiple tools, and examine what the implications for what shapes more of our message- ideas or tools. The point is not that these can professional production tools, but that the barrier of entry to content creation can be drastically low. And, in the process of using a limited tool, we will see how it expands our skills of creativity.

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