True Stories of Openness

Alan Levine

Open Education Conference Vancouver August 12, 2009

While the Open Education movement focuses on institutional issues, a large ocean exists of powerful individual accomplishments simply from tapping into content that is open for sharing and re-use. As colorful as old covers of “True Stories” magazine, this presentation shares moving, personal stories that would not have been previously possible, enabled by open licensed materials and personal networks. Beyond my own tales, others have been culled from the net, and you can share your own.

See how this all started at (archived, Wikispaces is dead too)

Theme and graphics based on the Comic Book Plus copyright free archive of True Comics (1941-1950).

Bonus! See the 2010 True Stories of Sharing and 2011 True Stories of Openness.

The Amazing Presentation

Alan in front of cool iris wall

"OpenEd09 flickr photo by courosa shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license

The CoolIris presentation once ran the show (it no longer works, it's Flash DOA)

CoolIris was a nifty presentation method that allowed me to create a "wall" of media that could be navigated in linear and non linear fashion, and it was all generated by a MediaRSS feed. An item could be be an image but also a video. I wish there was an HTML5 version today!

Learn more how it used to work and how it was created.

in tribute...

Dana Atchley

Dana Atchley (1941-2000)

True Stories of Photos

True Stories of Photos

The Amazing Unknown Flower (Alan Levine)

Where Did You Find That Lovely Smoked Alligator? (Mikhail Gershovich)

A Passing Photo On My Way to the Dentist Ends up in Local Magazine (D'Arcy Norman)

My Flickr Photos End up in Russian AND French Museums? Cool (Tom Woodward)

True Stories of Careers

True Stories of Jobs & Careers

But For a Shared Philosophy Paper There'd be no OLDaily (Stephen Downes)

Open Blogging Changes Life Direction (student of Barbara Ganley)

Open Blogging Got Me a Teaching Offer (Laura Blankenship)

Huh? You Will Pay Me to Blog? (Clay Burell)

Open Sharing Made Me Quit My Job? (Barbara Ganley)

True Stories of Diagrams

True Stories of Diagrams

The Networked Teacher Diagram Spreads Around the World (Alec Couros)

Matrix of Blog Uses in Education Comes Alive Through Open Sharing (Scott Leslie)

True Stories of Travel

True Stories of Travel

From HTML to Iceland (Alan Levine)

Sharing Online Landed me in Azerbaijan (Nancy White)

Blogging Gets Me Invited... (Darren Kuropatwa)

True Stories of Helping Others

True Stories of Helping Others

Paying it Forward (Sue Waters)

Light at the End of the Bullying Tunnel (Clay Burell)

Helping in Massive Open Course (George Siemens)

True Stories of Open Organizations

True Stories of Open Organizations

Penn State University Embraces Openness in a Big Way (Cole Camplese)

Create Separately or Together? (Nancy White)

True Stories of Publishing

True Stories of Publishing

Publishing the Lectures I Could Never Lecture (Clay Burell)

Open Access Published Text Book (Terry Anderson)

From Comment on Blog Post to Quote in Online Newspaper (Tony Hirst)

German Band Publishes CD With My Cover Art (Alan Levine)

Successful Open Academic Journal (Terry Anderson)

True Stories of Open Organizations

True Stories of Connections

After Connecting via Blogs My Students Said We Have to Meet These People (Barbara Ganley)

Sharing What I Do and the Connections it Brings (Leigh Blackall)

Met an Author on Twitter (Jennifer Jones)

Student Blogger Connects with Family Member of Artist (Enza Antenos-Conforti)

From Blog to Second Life to Colleague (Robin Heyden)

The Keynoter Used Our Open Site as an Example! (Rick Schwier)

Their Sharing Infected Me (Dean Shareski)

Sharing is What We Do (Mike Bogle)

It's Your Turn!

What's Your Story?

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