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October 02, 2003

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Phil Phinds Phriendly Trackback

Perched up at MIT, Phil Long is a key instructional visioneer, and in a recent Syllabus column he writes TrackBack: Where Blogs Learn Their Places.

It's a nice general overview of TB, yes, but Phil seems to not see as wide as we do by focusing only on what Trackback means in the blog world-- ignoring what D'Arcy, Brian, and I have been pushing since March 2003 [1, 2, 3]- using Trackback to connect a collection of Learning Objects with the external contexts where they are described or used.

Trackback is still an under-utilized, under-explored, and thankfully under-exploited (by spammers) simple technology.

<tiphat>tip of the blog hat to Scott Leslie</tiphat>

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