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July 03, 2004

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RSS Equalizer- Order Before Midnight Tonight and Get the Free Turnip Twaddler!

Beware of long scrolling web sites that start with:

Attention: If you would like to get your Web pages to the top of search results (with very little effort), this letter is for you...

"Discover An Amazing 'Technology' That Will Give You An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competitors And Increase Your Rankings... GUARANTEED!"

with more of the same for at least 5 pages worth. Yes, with all the fan fare of the old SNL Crazy Eddie faux commercials, sites like RSS Equalizer offer promises of great wealth acquired in vague means... at a cost of $97 per sucker.

There's ONE major factor that will not only alleviate each of those problems listed above, it will practically "guarantee" top search engine page rank.

And what exactly is this miraculous little jewel? Three simple words...

Really Simple Syndication. Or, as we in the "business" commonly refer to it... RSS. And in case you're not already familiar with RSS, here's a brief rundown...

As far as one can tell, this "amazing product" takes your web page keywords and returns embedded content retrieved from commonly available external RSS feeds. The gems they offer is a vague promise that your Google ranks will climb hire because the content on your pages is dynamic.

It gets fishier without a single demonstration available, and then when all of the testimonials are from other Get Rich Quick sites offering more gimmicks ("at a low introductory price!"). Isn't it odd that all the testimonial sites:

none deploy any RSS on their site! These are people "in the business"?? of what? fleecing?

Calling PT Barnum.....

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