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March 22, 2005

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Spurl Bookmarklet Tool Added to the Mix

Yes, another nifty social bookmark service-- Spurl was brought to our attention by Jamie. So it is now part of the others at the Site Submission MultiTool where it is possible to create one browser tool that does the work of 11 others called:

FurlDeliciousFrassleConnoteaBagCiteULikeSimpyLinkrollBlogmarksopenBMSpurl Bookmarklet Tool

Spurl looks pretty good at a quick glance-- it plays well with in that your tasty del.ici.ous sites can be imported/synched with Spurl, and anything you "Spurl" can be tossed back at Holy RipMixFeeding! I'm getting dizzy.

On another front, it hasn't been the greatest day back from vacation. Our Ocotillo web server was compromised over the weekend and is offline as we re-assemble it from scratch. I had a great Skyperview with Amy Gahran, and my G4 laptop went into a total freeze (like the first time in 5 months) locking up Skype, WireTap, the whole OS... all was trashed. Fortunately, Amy is willing to repeat her remarks tomorrow.

Another day...

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