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Get ready to make some art The storybox uses the PirateBox technology created by NYU Professor David Darts Zack Dowell who suggested a storytelling angle for the PirateBox <a href='left-this-here.mp4' target='_blank' class='clink'>learn more...</a> I coined it a 'digital time capsule' as part of a 5 month journey... (<a href='../___EnterTheStoryBox.html' target='_blank' class='clink'>video</a>) The StoryBox traveled over 15,000 miles between June and December, 2011 Get inside the StoryBox First Task How to Join the StoryBox Upload your media See what is inside Discuss in public chat Download media, create something new, and share it back All the Tasks Look for the StoryBox, and tell someone else about it
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