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YAY! You found it... a Digital Time Capsule

Note: This is a special subset of the full StoryBox content assembled for giveaway at the 2012 Open Education Conference. Check out the project at

How would you explain what this time in history was look to someone from the future?

Do you remember time capsules, the boxes of mementoes, pictures, and stuff we would bury in a place and not look at at for year, if at all? Well, I want to create a digital one, and I need your help.

If you prefer, watch a video I made to explain it all.

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I am looking for digital files-- written words, poems, original music, audio recordings, videos, animations, anything you can create that says something about this moment in time, what you are doing, or the place you are at, you or the sounds in your back yard-- or even what you had for lunch today. Capture your moment!

But what I seek are not things you have downloaded from the web, but ones you have created, that do not exist anywhere else online. All you need to do is share your Moment Momentos and in the end, I am going to try and make sense if it.

I will be collecting them as part of a June-October 2011 ( around the US and Canada, and ultimately, would like to create something meaningful out of what I gather.

How to Contribute

I am traveling with a real object, an anonymous digital collection box if you will, accesible where-ever I go (see below for details). If you are reading this online, I have another way for you to be part of this.

  • Step away from the computer, and reflect for a bit.
  • Create your content (e.g. text document, photo, audio file). Do not use your name to identify yourself, this is anonymous. Use cryptic or interesting file names!
  • Upload as many things as you like via the PirateBox
  • Repeat as much as you like!

NOTE: As of yet I have not found a good solution to provide uploads from mobile devices; when you are reconnected to the internet, you can email them to me via

Then what? I am not sure. I hope something emerges from what I collect. You can find the outcomes of this project sometime in late 2011 at

The PirateBox/StoryBox

Iam traveling with a device, the "PirateBox", designed as a simple, free, anonymous file sharing mechanism.

About the size of a thick paperback book, it is a self-contained web server (running on a thumb drive) and wireless router. When activated, it creates an open wireless network named "PirateBox: Share Freely". Anyone who joins it can share files (and see what has been shared). It has been called "an artistic provocation".

The main premise is to share content, that for now, does not exist anywhere else. Im my version of a PirateBox, I am looking for things that might help tell a story, hence, it is a StoryBox.


I am asking you to share and give away everything you put on here. For now through October 2011, the only place to see these will be to be in the same place is my StoryBox. After the end of the trip, I would like to create some sort of documentary (?) web site (?) about this project, so I do ask thus if I can eventually republish your stuff.

If you don't like these ridiculous conditions, then please disconnect and have a nice day. I admit by asking you to share in anonymity, I wont be able to give you credit. So, later when connected to the internet, if you go online to you can add yourself to the list of contributors-- I will make sure you get credited later in whatever I produce out of this.


Thanks to Grant Potter for pointing out the PirateBox; NoiseProfessor for actually building and giving me one, and Giulia Forsythe for helping frame the questions (and hopefully making me some cool art!)

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