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Podcast Links

Now we will combine some techniques we have seen (displaying a linkroll based on a tag) withing our own bookmarks to generate a dynamic set of podcast links.

First, you will need to directly bookmark the mp3 links you wish to include. The easiest way to do this is to use the "Post" link in your del.icious display:

Then pick a tag to use specificly to indicate your audio links-- I use a general podcast tag though, sometimes I end up using it for sites generally related to podcasting.

We use the linkroll tool under our settings to create a basic summary listing, and copy that piece of Javascript code to the part of the web page we wish to have it displayed

Last, we get a copy of the PlayTagger code, essentially another line of JavaScript inserted into our document. This powerful tool then turns any link to an audio file into an in-page audio player (the small blue triangle) allowing any link to an audio to be played within the web page.

Again, to update our list of audio files, we simply tag some new files with our special tag.