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Alan Levine
Vice President Community & CTO
The New Media Consortium

The cliché fixed exchange rate of one picture's value cannot possibly still be set at 1000 words! While some images are worth exactly 1000 words, most are likely worth much less, but we also now have access to use ones, for free, that are worth quite a bit more. For modern communication modes, from email to blog posts to presentations to online lessons, pictures add not only 'punch' to your writing via illustration, metaphor or abstraction-- they may even convey the bulk of a story. Can you speak your idea in photos?

In this session we will explore the use of communication via photos, diving into the deep treasure trove of creative commons licensed images but also seeing how you can really stand out by using your own photos. To generate your own visual metaphors, you need not be a digital SLR über camera geek. We will look at a self-organized community of ordinary people who have grouped together to share their daily photos where most are finding a whole new way of looking at the world, often using simple pocket or mobile phone cameras.

Taking photos or just finding and using them is a skill that improves tremendously just in the dedicated act of doing and reflecting, and makes for a useful model for self-directed learning.

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