Alan Levine
Vice President Community & CTO
The New Media Consortium

The old cliché about the exchange rate of pictures for words has always been a fluctuating market. While some images are worth exactly 1000 words, many are worth much less, but we also now have access to use ones worth quite a bit more. For bloggers, pictures add 'punch' to your writing via illustration, metaphor or abstraction or may even convey the bulk of a story. Creative commons photos are a treasure trove we will dive into, but you can really stand out by using your own photos! You don't have to be a digital SLR über camera geek; a spontaneous group of bloggers have grouped together sharing their daily 365 photos where most of us are finding a whole new way of looking at the world... often using simple pocket cameras.

But going beyond (can I call it "traditional"?) what we think of as blogging as typing text into a box, you can unlock new realms of creativity by blogging in different containers such as VoiceThread or flickr. And even farther out on the ledge, we will take a play at a Northern Voice version of a web app I made called "Five Card Flickr" to see what kind of stories we can create using only pictures.

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