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Building the Creative Commons Certification

The 2016 Open Education Conference

Paul Stacey@pgstacey

Alan Levine@cogdog

Inside a Richmond Coffee Shop*

* Whose name does not rhyme with "far ducks"

Turkishcoffee... Wikimedia Commons photo by Ekim Caglar licensed CC-BY-SA

Last Year at Open Ed

Tom Woodward Pondering Opened15 flickr photo by Alan Levine licensed CC-BY

Certification? Why?


Certifications Reviewed

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Starts with a Team



CC Certification Team flickr photo by Alan Levine licensed CC-BY

May 2016 Meeting

Government, Library, Education Expert Input

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M Open

CC Certificate Draft v 1.1

Spreadsheet -> GitHub Site

Spreadsheet recast as GitHub Site

M O Oer

Prevention of Reinvention

Leibniz Calculator Using The Pascaline Wikimedia image by Leibniz (1865) licensed Public Domain

M O O Development

A Forking Good Idea?

Composite of Ranch Building Pixabay photo by skeeze and Fork Pixabay photo by Clker-Free-Vector-Images both licensed CC0


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