Being There in the Real Time Web

Alan Levine • •

Tulane University Tech Day New Orleans September 25, 2009

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Riddle me this. In the time span of half a generation since the consumerization of the web, this supernova expansion of information technology across a global network has seismically shifted the foundation of traditional industries such as publishing, commerce, television, music, telephony... yet how much has changed in education? For many people who have lived through this time, we carry frameworks of information organized into files, folders, static documents mostly in isolation from other information. Another wave is upon us via what may be called the "real time web", where we tap into a rich flow of data propagating via social networks that challenges are instincts of organization, management, and retrieval. We cannot grasp the significance looking in from the outside; to understand we ought to "be there." In this presentation, we'll jump right into the real time flow for a taste of what may be possible for educators like you to harness.

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