For the last year or more I have been blabbering about the “small pieces of technology loosely joined”, so it was extremely overdue that I actually read the book I pilfered the phrase from.

So thanks to a holiday gift card from Borders (which is really just a portal to Amazon) just fresh off the truck comes my own personal copy of David Weinberger’s “Small Pieces Loosely Joined.

I am eager to see if it is everything I made it out to be ;-)

In late 1993, one of the programmers at the software company where I was vice president of strategic marketing called me into his office. “You have to see this,” he said, pointing to his computer screen, standing as I sat, drumming his fingers anxiously on his thighs. There was an ugly gray document in an ugly window labeled “Mosaic.” In the middle of the ugly black text was a phrase, underlined and in bright blue. “It’s a link,” my fiend said. He clicked on it, and a new document took its place.

Wow, this was a parallel experience I was having almost at the same time!

This is only pave vii, so it is good already.

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  • Alan Levine

    Bummer. I got mine in about 4 days… maybe they sent me your copy?? (just kidding)

    That’s a bit long to wait, I would bug Amazon.