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In 2011 I traveled 15,000 miles around the US and Canada visiting friends and colleagues I have known through my online work.


Last Call for StoryBox (and new preview javascript whacking)

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

The StoryBox project will end its gathering of media at the end of 2011, so there is still time to share any media before the time capsule closes- see http://cogdogblog.com/storybox for ways you can drop media files.

During my 15,000 mile, 5 month 2 country, 29 state/province travels I collected a Shareskian “wack sock” of media- 1230 image, video, audio, document files:

  • audio recordings: 127
  • documents: 18
  • music: 41
  • photos: 891
  • videos: 147
  • remixes: 6

And there is room for more! But to keep it true to the time capsule concept, the last media I will add will have to get to me by Dec 31, 2011 (at 12:59:59)

What happens then? My plan is to return all of this content online, in a yet to be created web site that would allow, ideally, people to add tags/descriptions to help characterize the content and use tools to build new content out of that (e.g. remixes). I am hoping this is something that Omeka might provide (expect an email soon, Patrick! I might need help).

I realized early that the default file list view might be unwieldy, so from the start I have been moving content into subdirectories by media type. Still, even shorter file listings are hard to scan, so over the last few months I have been creating graphic browsers for the media types.

I did find that the single view of 800 icons for the photos was a drag to load (e.g. when I had Vicki Davis’s students all hit the box at the same size, that won for a PirateBox stress test), so I have been adding a paged pagination, involving some dusting off of my Javascript skills- because the PirateBos is a python based server, and I neglected to learn python, andy interaction I have done has been in HTML and JavaScript – but I have a lot of things humming now.

For the photos I run a local php script on the mirror of the StoryBox on my laptop; this script (based on one from WebCheatSheets) is used to generate 800px preview and 100px thumbnail copies of all photos. What I do is have a directory for new photos I plan to make thumbnails for, and another one to write the new files to (“thumbs”), and this make_thumbnails.php script at the top- I can call it from a localhost/makethumbs.make_thumbnails.php url on my machine:


Back from the Great Wide Open

cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by fliegender It was March 17 of 2011 when I described my [quasi] plan to jump out into the great wide open, which was most filled by the 5 month/15,000 mile road odyssey, but started with some reflection time and travel before the road trip, […]


Road Stats: Week 22 (+1 day)

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog The loop is now closed, having returned home on Friday, November 18– this is one day past week 22. I have to say that doing these weekly updates were a blast and saved me the trouble of writing actual blog posts. Number of days on […]


Closing the Loop

I do not have the fancy red shoes, but I do have a kick-ass red pickup truck! cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog My 2011 Road Odyssey closed its lop last night when I got home at 6:30pm to my home in Strawberry, AZ, 15,030 miles and 5 months since I […]


The Long Last Stretch

cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by Hambo The travel is wearing on me. I am not complaining (much). This whole experience is wrapped up in the gift of my god mother’s memory for making it posible, and the stream of memories of connections made, re-made, made new by people I […]


Road Stats: Week 21

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog Number of days on the road: 140 Miles Driven: 12,675 Most Recent 1000 mile marker: 12,000 miles, south of Atlanta, GA on October 30 Number of States/Provinces driven in: 24 Number of US/Canadian Border Crossings: 5 Status of #occupycanada: currently occupying! Money spent on gas: […]



cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by ailatan Okay, I admit right here it is cheesy cheap to grab attempt with an #occupy title, but that is where I am headed tomorrow, on my continued mission to become Canadian. This has been a long running effort, going back to 2003 or […]