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The travel is wearing on me.

I am not complaining (much). This whole experience is wrapped up in the gift of my god mother’s memory for making it posible, and the stream of memories of connections made, re-made, made new by people I have visited.

Yet, my energy is slipping, and I find myself focused on the finish line. I am again, like ost of this trip, driven by the schedule. If I can do one more long push (620) miles, I can get home tomorrow night from tonight’s stop in Amarillo. The last 3 days have been 500+ miles days on average. There is a reason, as a week from tomorrow, I am off for Australia for a 2 week trip, and I’d like as much refresh time at home as possible.

i am stopping less for photos, for wandering, and not doing much on the StoryBox end. I skipped a few opportunities to meet people.

It’s a good thing I am not doing regrets anymore (inside joke).

On the contrary, even moving through large swaths of land, trying to take it in ay 70 mph — is being there. I am trying to soak it in like a long movie reel.

I’m going to delay the last road stat post to be after tomorrow- I should pass the 15,000 mile mark not far from my home, and just short of 5 months of travel.

This is just the beginning of trying to think how to wrap up this whole experience into one media soaked archive. I am not even sure what I want to do or how.

Yeah, I am mentally fried but soulfully refreshed, is that possible? I know I want to play more, but am so tired…

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by Pepe Ortuño

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  1. I can;t believe it is coming to an end. 5 months, that is amazing, and you have left a trail of awesome in your wake. Watching you go for the last 5 years, and even having the pleasure to play my small part, has been a true event that has in many ways shaped my daily activities. Where is Alan? What photos did he take? How the hell can he blog so much and travel so much at once? Why doesn’t he get a flat tire so that fucker will stop blogging so much?

  2. I’m just coming in at the end of what seems like a marathon road trip. I completely get how driving across the landscape, filling your long distance retinas with space, light, and geology can both reset the soul switch and tire out the body, starved as it probably is for exercise. I don’t know where you came from or why, but I like thinking of you out there covering the vast swaths of miles as we in the Willamette Valley (the end of the Oregon Trail, you’ll remember, that “Other Eden,” hunker down under the cloud cover and wait for the winter storms coming our way.
    Crazy oil well Derrick gifs! I made my FIRST gif yesterday– is to laugh!
    Safe journey…

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