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ds106 Class Notes and Stuff

Even Chickens Go Headless

In about 10 hours the first week of Headless ds106 launches– the first week’s assignment will be published at one minute past midnight (PST) and will appear at http://ds106.us/category/the-site/fall-2013-headless/. We already have 38 blogs in the mix- check out all the posts from participants. If you are new to ds106, your task this week is […]

ds106 Class Notes and Stuff

In Which #ds106 Goes Headless

We may regret the visuals, but the dog is out of the bag… I’v just written up a bit of information about the Fall 2013 Headless ds106 — essentially, we will be publishing a regular scheduled series of tasks based on the syllabi on the past 7 ds106 courses taught at UMW. Anyone interested follows […]