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There is a look in the encounter, from the unmasked to the masked. This is that unstated message, as so, is totally inferred, perhaps imagined? Yet. I feel it each time in encounter with ay service person, pumping gas, or in an encounter outside our bubble home. When I am masked or first to mask, […]

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2020 Zoomed By(e)

Among the many unanticipated outcomes of 2020 is the genericizing of a product brand name into the vernacular (I have been waiting like 20 years to have a reason to use “vernacular” in a sentence). It’s like what happened when a translucent, colorless, flavorless food ingredient, commonly derived from collagen derived from the boiled bones, connective tissues […]

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This is not the image reuse…

When you decide to share your images for reuse, you try to release the association with how they might be associated (hence the oddness over my catfished photos). My recent foray onto trying algorithms (is it AI or not?) for finding where my open-licensed flickr photos are reused are not nearly as interesting as the […]

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Wonderous at the Human Scale

I should not have to list out the things that can make one feel weary after a few (hours? minutes?) of opening an internet device. Is anyone else worn out? Thankfully, enough things happen, without seeing them coming, to- at least for now– counter the flood. And invariably for me, these are at the individual […]