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These posts document experiments in hacking and tweaking Wordpress; I hardly call myself expert, but I do like to tinker under the hood. If there is something I can do for you, bark my way or visit me at http://cogdog.it

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Splotbox: A SPLOT for Shorts

Don’t let people tease you for wearing jorts, they are just a useful pair of shorts, expanding the life of their predecessors. And they are also now supported by the SPLOTbox theme, not necessarily the greatest improvement to my wordpress theme stable, but worth doing. Especially because it came from a happy user of SPLOTbox, […]

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Toot in/em bed

In a fit of desperate desire to not be awash in social media slush of the twitter muskification as explained via ChatGPT, I am resorting to perhaps the worst blog post title since… (searching them all in vain) ever. Yes, to be honest yesterday’s foray into coding some means to extend what WordPress could do […]