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These posts document experiments in hacking and tweaking Wordpress; I hardly call myself expert, but I do like to tinker under the hood. If there is something I can do for you, bark my way or visit me at


Stepping on a WordPress Password Bug

Pesky WordPress bugs, this is how we take care of them. It’s all about isolating the problem, some keyword searching, and a smattering of luck. This post just for my own reference. I’m helping my friend Mariana Funes with a collection of sites in her WordPress Multisite at (note she is using my WP-Dimension […]


Shining Up Some SPLOTs

It was sure nice to see the way one of the SPLOTs hatched in 2014 is being used at Coventry University: The Compendium Of Bothersome Beasties: A SPLOT for student self reflection and formative feedback [18-162] Samantha Clarke, Lauren Heywood et al. #altc — ALT – (@A_L_T) October 2, 2018 When I can […]