Hi, so I like that nifty Mastodon post you shared, how can I WordPress it, do I have to do screenshots? asks my good great, fantastic behind the beard friend Bryan Alexander.

Heck no, WordPress can grok this.

Every Mastodon post has an embed link, like the one I sent to Bryan by email, look under the bottom right 3 dot menu, click Embed, then copy the gunk.

Then you can use a Custom HTML block to paste and pop it in… and you get

Looks good, eh?

Ahhh, but there is an easier way. I have written a little plugin that lets you autoembed Mastodon posts simply from its URL, like WordPress does for YouTube videos– just slap that URL on a blank line, please return, and EMBED MAGIC.

Hey, flickr does this too! I can embed some random flickr photo by copying its URL, and pasting it into a blank line/block… voila!

Any Questions? Asks Professor Alexander
Any Questions? Asks Professor Alexander flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

How Do I do Dat?

Yes, you will have to download the .zip version of the WP-Embed Extras plugin from GitHub (no account needed), than in WordPress, add it to your own site in Plugins -> Add New then click the little Upload Plugin button thing.

So now in the editor, I can just past this URL on a blank line, like…


and I get this (dont worry if in the editor it looks unformatted, I need to figure out the problem, but perview your post to check, it should display like this.

And as a bonus, my Embed Extras gives you this one link embed option for content from Padlet, the Internet Archive, Vocaroo (audio), Sodaphonic Boombox (ditto), and Pixelfed.

Is that the bomb or what? (hey, bombs are not good, but it’s cool).

I wrote about this here (look! Another embed from URL)

How’s dat?

Featured Image: No need to be scared by WordPress! A fun time when Bryan visited in Strawberry and we improvised a scary story.… this I’m SCARY flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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