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In which I bark and growl about things that get under my fur.

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Colorful Mosaic Tiles of Noticing: Distraction to Curiousity to Dogged Persisted Finding

I can’t help it. I notice something reading online, it triggers a vague connection in my old school neural network device and I cannot get on with quote unquote being productive until I emerge with something from the internet rabbit hole. Notice the underlined, clickable words. Any idea what they do? (tangent). Okay, it starts […]


Twitter Sez DS106 Daily Create Get Off My Lawn!

The Musky Dark Lord of Twitter has finally cast the fun loving, roll-in-the-grass-like-a-happy-dog DS106 Daily Create off of the tweeting lawn. This marks the end of 3811 successive never missed a single day of tweeting fun creative challenges openly and the last 2813 of them had, until today, been able to have their responses collected […]

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Lying, Hallucinating? I, MuddGPT

Sigh, one cannot avoid The Topic, the Only Thing as it has been grailed. At least it provides fodder for some mocking. It’s so easy even with the merest of ChatGPT et al interaction to respond under the influence of the Weizenbaum effect made visible in the verbs we choose. And like Laura Czerniewicz wrote […]