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In which I bark and growl about things that get under my fur.

Random Musing, Rants

Humanery and/or Machinery

Despite the apparent demise of blogs the flat line of the RSS-ograph blips with a pulse from David Kernohan “on chatbots.” FOTA is alive! Unsure if my comment gets through the gate (a first one generated a critical WordPress error, sorry, David), but I have to at least assert my assertion, as if it blips […]

Random Musing, Rants

Small Screen Theory

File this in the gut conjecture category, not grounded in anything beyond my failable non artificial questionable intelligence in my own grey matter (King, 1978). Plus, I am sure it is better crafted elsewhere. It’s no secret that my own practices and beliefs remain around this value of outloud outboard brain (tell-tale that this precious […]



I am going to regret this, but 8 years after a tortuous mess of an extraction from (yecch I just hate typing in), well that “professional” social network that rhymes with “StinkedInn” I have been foolish enough to step back in there. But there was a work thing that really demanded me to see some […]