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In which I bark and growl about things that get under my fur.


Where Can I Get a Stunning Web Site?

I awoke today wondering, that if in today’s mankind digital age, a stellar website is needed for all kinds of businesses? Is there a place I can post my own information on the internet? How can I get a stunning design but also a great under-the-hood engineering that leads to reliable seamless functionality all the […]



It’s really not that difficult. If you can rationalize being part of an enterprise that profits from the sale of hate ads… provides a space for external entities to promulgate recruitment programs aimed at undermining our culture… can take millions of dollars aimed at influencing a political election… can compel media producers to create click […]


Proudly Unverified

Oh twitter, Audrey truly wants to be verified Honestly @Twitter, this is some bullshit — Audrey Watters (@audreywatters) September 8, 2017 She has tried several times. In protest I am taking the bold move of adding my own signal of un-verifiability to my twitter name (and I loathe emojis) As if anything in twitter […]


To Serve The World

Why do we always fall for the Kanamits? Respectfully submitted for your perusal, an animated GIF. Frames: seven. File size: in the neighborhood of only 860k. Origin: my wacky idea over breakfast. Motives? Therein hangs the tale, for in just a moment, we’re going to ask you to shake hands, figuratively, with a self-absorbed Christopher […]