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Lying, Hallucinating? I, MuddGPT

Sigh, one cannot avoid The Topic, the Only Thing as it has been grailed. At least it provides fodder for some mocking. It’s so easy even with the merest of ChatGPT et al interaction to respond under the influence of the Weizenbaum effect made visible in the verbs we choose. And like Laura Czerniewicz wrote […]

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Making > Taking

You might suspect this blog is solely about photos and images, and openness thereof. Maybe it is, as this post that has been tap tap tapping inside the head today follows (reversing the reverse blog chronology) of yesterday’s experiment with end-arounding Google Image search and the day before’s waxing on photo making. I’ve likely blabbed […]

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Space for More Spaces

It’s rather telling that my search for “information abundance” is dominated by results with “Information Overload” in the title. This was my effort to find an opening to write about a friend/colleague’s desire to create a new online space. This first hint of this came upon email notifications of what I missed in Mastodon. I […]