Zooming With A Talking Alpaca

I should just end the post with this as a title. Leave ’em guessing, right? It was appropriate today started reading an utterly brilliant essay by Parimal Satyal, Rediscovering The Small Web (thanks to Jay Hoffman): Most websites today are built like commercial products by professionals and marketers, optimised to draw the largest audience, generate […]


This is Us

I am drafting this post using a tool I rarely use for blogging: This tool choice might change. The current setting is Cori and seated in soft chairs settled in the middle of a small creek, water rushing beneath our seats and over our toes. It’s cold, rather refreshing on a day when it is […]

Random Musing

Waving the Asynchronous Flag

I promise that I am writing this post that will contain nothing even close to an answer, solution, even coherence to all the scrambling effort to plan for the post-Emergency-Learning-Not-A-Pivot response. Just idle speculation. McSweeny’s parody is just that, but there is a glint of reality under the sarcasm: After careful deliberation, we are pleased […]