Random Musing

Waving the Asynchronous Flag

I promise that I am writing this post that will contain nothing even close to an answer, solution, even coherence to all the scrambling effort to plan for the post-Emergency-Learning-Not-A-Pivot response. Just idle speculation. McSweeny’s parody is just that, but there is a glint of reality under the sarcasm: After careful deliberation, we are pleased […]


Breaking the Blogjam

Hello, world. No, that’s been done before. But hello, empty WordPress editor, screen, even more sparse when the Gutenburger editor opens full screen. More white space. Forgive me blog, for it has been 11 days since my last post, and it’s been only 3 this month. Even doing my ALL CAPS tweets of impersonation has […]


Never Motherless

Mothers’ Day when your mother has passed on… there are no flowers to send, no cards to mail, no phone calls. But that does not mean nothing to do (not like not writing too many double negatives!). The first Mothers Day after mom passed on, in my post I lifted the lyrics from the song […]


Young Dad

May 2 marks Dad’s birthday, if he was here I would have called him to ask how it feels to be 94. There’s a challenge in trying to imagine your parents as kids. You come into the world, and there they are, fully formed. Dad was always just Dad, but there’s the few photos I […]


Olde Movie Tyme

In pandemic times, out of the ordinary things happen. Around the home front last week, as a birthday thing, the family indulged me in watching a few favorite movies I watched repeatedly as a kid on TV in the early 1970s. Apparently my kid days was a long time ago. My movie and music tastes […]