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This Old Catfish

I pretty much gave up on writing about and hoping that writing about catfishing might have some impact (yup just checked, more than 2 years since last post on it). Of course that hardly means that anything has changed; the scamming of people luring into false romance contact using my photos on fake profiles and […]


Glen Gets the Treatment

I’d like to think it’s rather clear if anyone glances at this blog that despite it’s title, it does not sell dog products, and definitely is not in the genre of home improvement tips. Plus, there is a clear statement on the bottom of every page. The exact statement is: Here I bark and growl […]


Canning The Can’ts

I’m fairly sure most thinking humans have an internal, mostly unsaid list of Can’ts. The list of things we have cemented a certainty that we can’t do. They are way down there in the subconscious, deeply rooted, and often adrift from the experiences that formed them. Mine? They are not always big ones, but they […]


Yes, We Do Give out SPLOT Lollies

While I’ve gotten used to sharing most of my code projects in GitHub for the most part my repos are a one dog band. Rarely, I get a message submitted via issues, but for the most part I’ve maybe gotten less than 5 “pull” requests– meaning someone has added, fixed, augmented my spaghetti like code […]