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The Web Timelined Self

I never thought of this benefit when I set out to do things regularly on the web, be it actually writing in your my space (that thing that seems to be now called newslettering, WTF), posting photos, even spewing to some social media platform formerly known as something else). In some, not nearly all or […]

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What’s the Diff?

There you go, a deliberately vague blog post title that give no real indication what this is about. Heck, at this point, 1.5 sentences in, I am questioning myself if I know. Note: I found this post hanging out in my Drafts. Was it left undone? Did I change my mind on publishing? I don’t […]

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Colorful Mosaic Tiles of Noticing: Distraction to Curiousity to Dogged Persisted Finding

I can’t help it. I notice something reading online, it triggers a vague connection in my old school neural network device and I cannot get on with quote unquote being productive until I emerge with something from the internet rabbit hole. Notice the underlined, clickable words. Any idea what they do? (tangent). Okay, it starts […]