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98 on the Dad Scale

Me and Dad were but 5 days apart on the birthday calendar, aand today, were he here, I’d be calling to tease and say, “How is 98 feel Dad?” There’d be that pause and a throaty left, with something like in reply, “Not bad at all, Junior.” I had a good round of memory sifting […]


The Last Herondorf

A reminder today from my Google Family Calendar, a descendent of my Mom’s paper habit of tracking events, read Dorothy b (1931). That means today her youngest sister aka Aunt Dorothy, turns 92 today. She is the last remaining sibling from the five kids my mom’s parents raised in the 1920s and 1930s, a Baltimore […]



Happy day of birth “old man” aka Morris aka Mickey aka Dad… This would have been a cake with 97 candles flaming on it. I don’t have to ask ChatCPT to say anything about what it means to remember a loved one. But I did take a black and white (or is it sepia and […]