I’m feeling that reach of my Dad’s smile, from across time.

One of the best photos I spotted while visiting my sister in April was this gem of Dad holding his first son, my brother David. Could there be a more apt Dad smile?

Dad and David
Dad and David flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

This is all more meaningful to note that my brother was born without enough oxygen at birth, rendering his brain undeveloped and a life of that stinging name of “mental retardation.” This being my parent’s very first child, that you can see was loved with full intent. Could a man not be more proud to be a dad, and can that joy not be more reflected in his son? Could he not me more in the moment?

And it was that same Dad smile I remember from the old family 8mm silent movies, where I make my first appearance as the fourth child. The clip is Dad wearing that same smile holding baby me next to him in that old green hammock. The smile then later widening even more to see him silently mouth, “Say Cheese.”

The smiles reach to our Father’s Day here today, visiting Cori’s Dad, who shines her with the his own powerful Dad smile, and transmits a love you can just see, and spreads it my way too.

The Dad Smile, it’s a thing.

Happy Dad’s Day, to the Smiling Dads everywhere.

Featured Image: Two family photos, one smiling Dad.

Two old photos, black and white left of a man sitting in a chair, broadly smiling at an infant on his lap. On the right is another photo of the same man, this a color image, and he is laying in a hammock holding another infant (me)
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