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  • 2023
    • No Sad Eyes For Reused Photo Number 300 Look at the pup’s photo. Why so sad, Kay? This flickr photo of you I took in 2014 while visiting your human, Richard Elliot, at his home in Auckland, has just been added to the home grown collection of my flickr photos that have been reused elsewhere. Maybe it’s boasting or self vanity, but discovering […]
  • 2021
    • Digital Structures: Institutions Abandon / Individuals Preserve I’ve already written this blog post! Shall I cite myself, ibid infinitum? But just to show as an example, in my previous post I was able to reference the 2018 Mural UDG Project I was part of. A few days ago that was not possible, and also on the digital chopping block was years of […]
    • Unconformities, the Wikicene Era, and the Wikidata Formation There’s no magic beyond my fervent clutch to the discarded in lieu of social media the fully functional tools of RSS and News readers. But I will perk up at a geological metaphor in a blog post. Thus it was Irwin Devries’s dusting off of the publish button on his blog with a great new […]
  • 2016
    • Looking for Stuff Here That Lands You in the 404 Zone For the sake of keeping it not found, it is so extremely unlikely (our Department of You Never Know restricts us from saying “never”) to find mention here of that new AR mobile back to retro 1990s game that you are much better putting your money on hell freezing over the Cubs World Series award. […]
    • i love to share — My CC Certification What If Video That photo is not only a favorite t-shirt, I’d like to make it my professional tag line. Well, maybe right after Defender of the Commons: To the people who defend our creative commons – I salute you 🙂@cogdog @mweller @amyburvall @dajbelshaw — Bryan Mathers – @bryanmmathers (@BryanMMathers) May 12, 2016 The collection of videos […]
  • 2015
    • En México, Recordando a mi Abuela Today marks the calendar lap of my grandmother’s passing in 2003. “Granny” was a one of a kind person, to me as a kid she was the emblem of someone full of life, a sense of sophistication she was always go go go. Even if my perceptions were not true to life, I still adored […]
  • 2014
    • Image Bending in Audacity Trippy. The frames of this gif (image data) were edited in audio editing software. It’s in the realm of glitch art as the effects created are largely unpredictable. It’s a matter of saving an image in an uncompressed format, importing into Audacity, applying an effect or two, and exporting back again. I saw a link […]
    • The Day I Cried in a Canyon A tweet from someone (sorry there goes my weak citation) led my to Mike Wesch’s Learning Worth Crying About: For those of you who watched my most recent talk, Learning as soul-making, you know that I have become interested in moments of profound transformation and growth among students that I call “Learning worth crying about.” […]
  • 2012
    • Day 1: A Twister of a Daily Create Challenge I could not be more excited then to see all 36 drawings of tornados for the first day of the Seven Day Daily Create Challenge (and I realize my tweets and blog posts may be bordering on annoying in frequency, but hey, go take it up with my Drill Sergeants). I hope to see y’all […]
  • 2007
  • 2005
    • gCensus: A Tale of Two Cities If you have been blown away my zooming around Google Maps, the possibilities of combing that data with other data is starting to become wonderfully dizzying. Crime data and Google Maps. Housing and Google Maps. Well here is another one– gCensus nicely combines US census data and Google Maps. As you zoom and pan you […]
  • 2004
    • 3 Steves And a Blog I could not resist coming up with a cute name for a blogspace for Steve Gilbert, Stephen Ehrmann, and Steve Saltzberg, all with the TLTGroup (Teaching, Learning, Technology Group)- hence 3 Steves And a Blog. This started when I proposed to the Charles Ansorge, the current maintainer of the TLTGroup’s “Low Threshold Applications of the […]
    • FlipSite: 5, 6 years of Coin Flip Simulations I just cleaned up a bug in a golden oldie web site, and it is playing music again. The Interactive FlipSite was created so long ago I cannot remember exactly for sure, at least before 1998. The purpose was to create a site to illustrate simple probability for basic mathematics using the most simple of […]
  • 2003
    • Thanks IDBlog for Pointer on Adding Comments… Thankls to Beth Mazur and her post on IDblog: Spotlighting comments that had the MovableType code for adding the excerpts of the 5 most recent comments to this blog, now visible on the right under the heading “Others Bark Back” Just another small way to bring bits of information from within the weblog to the […]

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