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  • 2018
    • Picking a Noticing Pattern: I’ve Logged 469 Photos of 106’s The diagnosis is likely on the spectrum of an obsession. In the buildup to the first open version of the open digital storytelling course, the one, the only, DS106, I first saw a sign with a 106 on it. I noticed it. It was so long ago that what I was doing at the time […]
  • 2013
    • I Mailed a Tea Bag to Russia The title is almost Kafka-esque, maybe? No? Well, I actually send a tea bag by old snail mail to someone I do not know, in Russia. This all started with a photo I posted to flickr, showing one of the last plain black tea bags I must have bought for my Mom’s visit in maybe […]
    • Dogs on the Internet Via Jill Walker aka jill/txt perhaps one of the first blogs I started reading in 2000, the PRISM flavored perspective of a once cute cartoon If course,, since 2003, everyone knows I am a dog on the internet. Not much spying needed to figure that out. So projecting forward, what can possibly be the next […]
  • 2010
    • The Revolution is Now Blogged cc licensed flickr photo shared by cogdogblog Yesterday I was on stage as the opening act for the 2010 Canadian eLearning Conference hosted at the University of Alberta, with a new show I had conjured “Join the Secret Revolution”. The presentation is on slideshare (where you can see the notes for the slides); I have […]
  • 2008
    • A World Made of Web 2.0 For people who mock web 2.0 (heck that includes me), look- you can make a world out of all of those logos! See the Map of the World 2.0, made of 1001 web app logos. This comes from AppAppeal a site that catalogs and reviews web 2.0 sites. See you can do something useful with […]
    • Tweet and Receive It’s been frequently noted that the response effect of twitter is not a simple matter of opening an account and yelling for help; as a new tweeter you get the tree-falling silently effect. That said, I feel overwhelmingly fortunate to put out a single request and get a string of responses. With this, and despite […]
  • 2005
    • VidBlogging, Blogcasting… I Still Do Not Get It Skepticism is healthy and leaves room for later acceptance, eh? As previously barked, I am not convinced yet that there is a natural leap form the success of podcasting to saying video will take off just the same. I would enjoy being wrong. David Weinberger, the Cluetrain guy, the Small Pieces guy someone I read […]
    • Dog Flickr Montage More exclamations of “holy flickr” emitting from my room. The flickr montager generates a mosaic image based on tags of a word from flickr. I played a bit with it, tried my own montage on the tag “dog”. It randomly chose some image of a pocket puppy type dog (or as my friend Donna refers […]
    • Looks Groovy I’ve had a peek inside what Brian is agRSSively leaking… no wonder he’s been so darn quiet. This will rock (and maybe bust their server)
  • 2003
    • Learning Object TrackBack Summary Tool For those that have beeing following (or not) the Learning Object experiment’s here (see Back to TrackBack), we have applied the MovableType Trackback concept to every item in the Maricopa Learning eXchange. With some time to tinker today, I cooked up a new trackback summary tool that allows one to check out the trackbacks across […]
    • Where’s the Feed? The more you click around the web, the more you see information rich sites that could do a little bit more good by adding RSS feeds to their content. It’s even worse when you scan the URLs and sense that the content is idling away in a database. Like Clara Peller’s inquiry for beef, we […]

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