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  • 2015
    • WordPress Page Redirector tl;dr I’ll be *****ed if I will use such a cliché. This post is a bit techy, and is mainly for WordPress tinkerers, aimed to help explain something in an email I am sending Tom. But hey, you never can know if someone else is trying to do something like this. Hopefully you can know […]
  • 2013
    • Shiny Happy Computer People Don’t all those people look so happy using their computers? Smiles, working together, so perfectly diverse. They all seem to own Apple laptops. Shiny. Happy. Well except for one guy in the middle. Last week while trying to deal with a problem in my health insurance, I had to create an account on their site. […]
  • 2012
    • This Dog is Your Teacher This video is really meant as an introduction to students in my online section of ds106 at University of Mary Washington; I agree its critical early on to help create a sense of identity for all participants in the class. While this class is online, all of my students are there in Fredericksburg… but I […]
  • 2011
    • ds106 radiocasts from Windsor and Hamilton Big wheels keep on rolling, and the leg of travel through the more populated parts of Ontario produced two more nights in a row of meeting people and bringing them kicking and screaming into ds106 radio (just kidding, no kicking, no screaming, they ask). On Monday I drove to the part of Canada that is […]
  • 2010
    • What’s Your Story on Daily Photo Projects? cc licensed flickr photo shared by Jase The Bass I have an addiction. It involves…. cameras. Since 2008, I’ve been in a flickr group of people sharing daily photos; we are now at 500. No one is in charge, no one makes rules. I’ve also been participating in the dailyshoot version since November 2009. I […]
  • 2008
    • NGTD and ReaderBox Zero I almost started to say something like “I Can’t” but I can’t do that. But I honestly know that organizational stuff (like keeping things neatly in file and making to do lists) are just practices I don’t gravitate to. The inane tweet above was more a mis-placed assumption that the GTD “movement” seems to end […]
  • 2007
    • Smell The Bacn You know about email spam. You cannot avoid it, you cannot Can it, you cannot toss it though it is passed the expiration date, and you cannot even make a decent sandwich with it. But you know what this is, blog readers? That is my breakfast, yum, it is “Bacn”! Yes, the new hot meme […]
  • 2005
    • Conversations: Tree People and Cave Dwellers It’s been interesting to see how a dis-connected set of blog posts about “distributed conversations” have pretty much emulated the topic. Mine was but one tiny ripple among the tide. With a few iterations of search (lacking an explanation of their syntax), Technorati does a credible job, but is it all the echoes? Just recently, […]
    • On Tiger Previously I described my usual reluctance to be first out of the gate to do an operating system update, so until this afternoon I was still running Jaguar / Mac OSX 10.3. To be honest and repetitive, an operating system is really not something I like to focus on- a good OS should be as […]
    • Shoot ‘Em Up Talk Show Imagine this- a full immersive 3D world where people from remote locations can share and collaborate ideas… and they can blow each other up. I am not a vidoe gamer but can very much appreciate the novelty, originality, and sheer sarcastic fun of This Spartan Life, or how it is billed, “A Talk Show in […]
    • My Favorite Radio Station is 89.7 I am now grooving to the tunes of the station at the bottom of the FM dial – thanks to the arrival yesterday of my new DLO TransPod. As advertised, it is simple to set up and use, and now in my truck I am listening to the tunes and talks from my iPod Shuffle […]
  • 2004
    • RSS Feeds for Maricopa ePortfolio Today I cleaned my desk of paper piles, revamped the “todo” list that overflows from my whiteboard, and finished up a little experiment I had started on our ePortfolio site. Audree Thurman, the clever programmer of this nifty system, had developed a nifty approach for RSS feeds. There is a web page version (human readable) […]

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