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  • April 23, 2016
    • Who’s Your PAPI? Where to Start with Personal API Inventory? Part of the overview of APIs shared by Kin Lane at last month’s Indie Ed-Tech get-together was his idea of doing our own inventory of web services we interact with, as each is potentially something we ought to manage via our own API (since there are likely ones managed by those services at work in […]
  • April 23, 2012
    • Week 14 Checklist and Archiving cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by Daniel*1977 What needs to be done this week. All items must be done by midnight Sunday, April 29 You must write up 3 blog posts, detailed below, one summarizing all things done on this checklist, one for your final project, and one for a […]
  • April 23, 2009
    • Do Something Solar? mashup of cc licensed flickr photos Arizona State Goes Solar by kevindooley and my own Black is the Old T-Shirt Beyond the handpawful of petty blog posts about my beefs with various service providers, CogDogBlog has stayed cleared of anything important in the world. Maybe it’s time, or the times, or advancing time, but gnawing […]
  • April 23, 2008
    • Internet2 Dogtation 20080423 Foto by ghbrett posted 23 Apr ’08, 8.51am MDT PST on flickr Snap of me as camera man during Virtual Worlds panel at Internet2 Spring Member Mtg. CD Barkley (aka Alan Levine) giving his presentation in character in world. George Brett, the photographer here, had invited me to be a panelist on a virtual […]
  • April 23, 2006
    • All In the Context I’m enjoying a brief visit from my colleague Mark from Auckland, New Zealand, who was a generous host when I visited his neck of the woods in November 2004. This was a bit tested, when our guest bathroom managed to develop an timely backup the day he arrived. He got quite a chuckle when the […]
  • April 23, 2004
    • Pachyderm Walks, Dances, Flashes… Just returned from an eventful Pachyderm Project meeting in San Francisco. Much time was spent refining an unbelievable thorough requirements document (100+ pages) based on the last few months of creating user scenarios, culling those into requirements, sorting, prioritizing, and refining them towards the specs the programming team will use to produce the first Pachy […]

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