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News Flash! MERLOT Peer Reviews 8 Year Old Project

I recently got an email notification that a peer review has been done of a former project that is available in MERLOT. While it is listed as being loaded there in 2002, actually Negative Reinforcement University (NRU) was developed as a CD-ROM in 1996 and converted to the web in 1997.

Although I’ve not even thought about NRU in a long time, I think the old Shockwave version might actually still run (Yup it does! and I even remembered some of the hidden cheats in the game- but wow, is it crude and pixelly). It’s approach was an unabashed rip-off of Myst. Actually, it was one of my favorite projects- the outgrowth of an idea to have teams of students and a faculty member work as a team to create some educational content using a movie-making metaphor (see the Studio 1151 Press Release).

This is not meant to poke fun at MERLOT for reviewing 8 year-old software (especially since they gave it some high marks). I am rather stoked they looked at it and did not laugh.

It does make me wonder about the scalability of the oft-desired structured review process of learning content.

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