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Permanent Stay

You can now tag me #AlmostCanadian. About 10 months since crossing the fenceless, welcoming border into Canada to live with, love, and marry Cori, the government has said I can stay. Yesterday, a typical Big Blue Saskatchewan Open Sky Day, we drove to Saskatoon for the final interview to get my permanent resident card. We […]


Multiple Days of Thanks

Friends and family from the US have been sending Happy Thanksgiving messages, which are appreciated, and thanked, also with a notice that since I now live in Canada, our Thanksgiving was a month a half ago. It happens to others too. (lol my family in the US is like are you enjoying your day off […]


Dropping The Number

Where I first heard this line is forgotten, but it has invariably proven to be true when someone I meet shares their phone number. Your area code probably indicates where you lived in 2008. I’m plenty old to remember the fixed geolocation of an area code (well you would look it up on a map […]

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Son of a Lawnman

My Dad’s domain as the green grass lawn of our suburban Baltimore home. It was so much, that when he got his personal email address it started with “lawnman”. He was fanatic at watering, seeding, fertilizing, and hand pulling dandelions. In early memories there was some kind of gas powered lawn mower he used that […]


Eyed Out of The U.K.

Never brag about your health; Rod Serling will tap you with some Twilight Zone stick. At a few days short of 55 I had been talking among friends how good I feel- no aches, no replaced body parts, good energy, and not bad for someone 48 years as a Type 1 diabetic. Saturday morning, while […]