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She Paints Llamas

My little big sister Harriet always has display the real artist talent in the family. She’s done it again. A surprise package in the mail came with a new watercolor, this of the llamas that live up the road from Cori and I. She has not set up her easel here yet (especially now that […]

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Be More Frakes

A classy and inspiring example how to be someone of high reputation yet very down to earth in social media… It might be 10 years ago that I was fortunate to take a photography workshop co-lead by famous professional photographer Bill Frakes. Much came of the experience- I got back into using my DSLR after […]


Invest in Beer?

You love beer? Not the factory produced swill that gets manufactured in mass quantities, but the small runs by craft breweries? I have an opportunity for you! I am offering for sale a 1.5% share of ownership of THAT Brewery located in Pine Arizona (and a second production facility in Cottonwood, Arizona. Check them out […]

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Never Dad-less

There’s no preparation I had as a kid for thinking of a Father’s Day without Dad around, prepping his barbecue for grilled steak even on his own day. I had no world without thinking of him in it. Then you grow up, supposedly. That photo was on the last birthday I celebrated with Dad, it […]


Permanent Stay

You can now tag me #AlmostCanadian. About 10 months since crossing the fenceless, welcoming border into Canada to live with, love, and marry Cori, the government has said I can stay. Yesterday, a typical Big Blue Saskatchewan Open Sky Day, we drove to Saskatoon for the final interview to get my permanent resident card. We […]


Metronome of Diabetic Life

The period, in terms of the reciprocal of frequency, is 3 days. Every 3 days comes a beep from the box hanging on my belt. It actually looks like one of those antique pager devices. That’s the warning that the supply of insulin in my insulin pump is getting low, usually when there are less […]


Multiple Days of Thanks

Friends and family from the US have been sending Happy Thanksgiving messages, which are appreciated, and thanked, also with a notice that since I now live in Canada, our Thanksgiving was a month a half ago. It happens to others too. https://twitter.com/savasavasava/status/1065668877521223684 And even here, the stores are all putting out their Black Friday sales, […]