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Strawberry Crossfade

A wavering of the flux capacitor of pandemic time left this post lingering a long time, not even as a draft in WordPress (I almost never leave drafts), but in my mind. In November of Covid-19 Year Zero (aka 2020) I sold the little house in Strawberry Arizona that was my home from 2008 to […]


On Thankskidding

The title is not a typo nor a bad pun. Yes, it’s the fourth Thursday of November. The emails have gone quieter. My twitter and instagram are full of photos of the baking I see friends and family in the US are busy doing. The memory reels cue up like an old thumping 8mm film […]


This is Us

I am drafting this post using a tool I rarely use for blogging: This tool choice might change. The current setting is Cori and seated in soft chairs settled in the middle of a small creek, water rushing beneath our seats and over our toes. It’s cold, rather refreshing on a day when it is […]

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Now What?

Okay. We have pivoted, home quarantined, stocked up pantries, filled closets with TP, stretched Wifi limits, set up workspaces in our living spaces. We’re going from reducing screentime to it being all the time. Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! go the days. Social distancing is a universal concept (well barring one orange topped refuser). Stores are doing […]

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Could Have Been 70

The math on my parent’s anniversary was always easy since they were married in 1950– on February 5, you just needed to subtract 50. Today would have been a party for their 70th. Alas, no party when they are both gone. But twenty years ago it was, my sisters and I had a party for […]


She Paints Llamas

My little big sister Harriet always has display the real artist talent in the family. She’s done it again. A surprise package in the mail came with a new watercolor, this of the llamas that live up the road from Cori and I. She has not set up her easel here yet (especially now that […]

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Be More Frakes

A classy and inspiring example how to be someone of high reputation yet very down to earth in social media… It might be 10 years ago that I was fortunate to take a photography workshop co-lead by famous professional photographer Bill Frakes. Much came of the experience- I got back into using my DSLR after […]