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Non Content Video

Yikes. Guess who is a week behind in 9x9x25 blogging. Good thing no one is keeping count. Right Terry? Mine was triggered by reading a 9x9x25 post by JR Dingwell, A different approach to the ‘video lecture’. Like JR, I’m not all that excited about video capture or lecture video: I mentioned that normally I […]

Random Musing

Insecure / Unsecure

Until yesterday I’ve been embarrassingly insecure about the security of my MacBookPro’s operating system. My friends in the field cringe when I confessed that on my 2013 machine I was still running the MacOS it came with, Mavericks. Part of it was that I heard friends mona about things lost on upgrades, and also, a […]

Random Musing

Dropped in a Bucket

Talking about a bucket list feels a bit cliché to me. But I do keep something like that floating in my subconscious, as happened back in 2006 when I made a secret vow to run a half marathon. I did cross another “to do” from my list about two weeks ago. It involves the story […]