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Random Musing

Dropped in a Bucket

Talking about a bucket list feels a bit cliché to me. But I do keep something like that floating in my subconscious, as happened back in 2006 when I made a secret vow to run a half marathon. I did cross another “to do” from my list about two weeks ago. It involves the story […]

Random Musing

Objects With Meaning

Yesterday I lost a dog leash in the woods. What’s the big deal? I took my friend Kevin who was visiting, on one of my specialty semi brutal hikes, a near 7 mile bushwack, up the top of the mountain we see from my house. We were working our way around a steep section, the […]

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Beauty, Courage Amongst Rubble: Beyond the Bubble

Do you remember the kerfuffle when Georgia Tech canceled a Coursera MOOC on “Fundamentals of Online Education: Planning and Application” because the ill-advised use of a Google spreadsheet for 40,000 participants, crashed it? Can you imagine what would happen to Georgia Tech courses if a Category 4 hurricane slammed the state, leaving its inhabitants flooded, […]